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HEAD & TUBE Binocular Double Observation Head rotatable 360 degrees. Interpupillary distance adjustable 48mm - 75mm. Adjustment for Asinometropia
OBJECTIVE LENS Flat Achromatic 4X/0.10,10X/0.25, 40X/0.65 SL, 100X/1.25 oil SL
EYEPIECE Two pairs of WF10X/20mm eyepieces
ILLUMINATION Built-in illumination with 12V 20W Halogen bulb. Seperate on/off switch. Adjustable brightness with uiltin potentiometer. 220-230V AC / 50 Hz operation. Facility to accept fallen flourscent light source
NOSEPIECE Built-in quadruple revolving nosepiece with four receptions to accept objective lenses.
FOCUSING By rack and pinion with safety stopper for holding stage in position, fine focusing with slow motion mechanism. Two seperate Knobs for fine and coarse adjustment.
STAGE Large mechanical stage with system for holding specimens, marking numbers along X & Y axis
CONDENSER Abbe 1.25 N.A. condenser, Iris in centre. Filters- Blue, green and yellow. Facility to accept dark field ABBE
BODY Sturdy metal corrosion resistant powder coating body with solid heavy base.
PACKING Each in a Polystyrene box with dust cover and users instruction manual.

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