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Fluoroscence Binocular LED Microscope
MICROSCOPE Fluoroscence Binocular Microscope For Malaria and Tuberculosis Detection. 30 Inclined Tube 360 Rotatable Binocular Head .Inter Pupillary Distance Adjustment Range 55mm ~ 75mm, Diopter Adjustment +/-5 Diopters
OPTICS Parfocal Color Infinity Corrected Full Plan Glass Optics With Anti-Glare & Anti-Fungus Coating.
FOCUSI NG Advanced Focusing System
STAGE Double Layer Mechanical Stage 210x140mm Vernier Scale Scanning Range 50mm(Y) - 75mm(X) Double Specimen Holder. 2-30mm Iris Diaphragm NA 1.25/0.9 ABBE Condenser.
NOSE-PIECE Inward Tilt Quadriple Nose Piece For 4 Objectives
OBJECTIVE Parfocal color Infinity Corrected Full Plan Objectives With Magnification 10X/NA 0.25, 20X/NA 0.40, 40X/NA 0.65& 100X/NA 1.25OIL
ILLUMINATION Bright Field Illumination In Transmitted Mode, Adjustable With White Light LED 3W. Fluoroscence Illumination In Reflected Mode With Blue Light LED 3W.Power Supply Wide Range From 100V ~ 240V 50/60 Hz.

Built in Rechargable 3.6V Battery Pack is Provided in the Microscope. The Battery is continuosly Charged When the Power is Connected and Acts as a Ups in Case of Power Failure. Upto 4 Hours of Backup on Fully Charged Battery.For Extensive Field Use the Microscope can be Connected to a Car Battery Through the Car 12V DC Output Socket With a cord Which is provided with the Microscope.


Attachable Mirror for Daylight Use, Photo Tube for Camera, 5ml Bottle for Immersion Oil, Hardwood Lockable Case & Dst Cover, Cord With Car Battery Jack, 0.5A Fuse

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