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Overhead Projectors are compact, efficient, versatile and light in weight. Its optical components designed to give crisp sparking image on the screen, as we write, draw or sketch illustration on a transparent cellophane sheet or view the coloured transparencies. For the lecturer it brings a new dimension in teaching, it can give them a freedom of expression unknown to them before. And very important , they can “programme” the material, present it logically, stop the programme and repeat until the audience understood their points. No dark room is necessary. Easy to use/operate in ordinary class rooms in day light.
Projection Lens One element, f-254 mm
Condenser system Fresnel Lens (Standard)
Projection Lamp 24-V-250 W
Power Source AC 220 -240 V, 50 Hz
Stage Aperture 250 mm x 250 mm
Reflector Metal Reflector
Focussing Metal, Rack-Pinion
Projection Effectively 1 to 3 Mtrs.
Cooling System Fan cooled
Safety Interlock Automatic Disconnection provided on the opening of top cover
Lamp Safety/Regulator Variable Intensity control knob is provided
Accessories Cell phones Roll Attachment Writing Pack, Vinyl cover.
Packing Sturdy Cardboard Box

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