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OBSERVATION Binocular Head inclined at 45, rotated can be locked in position by using thumb screws.
OBJECTIVE Two standard Objectives 2 X & 4 X. The low & high powered objectives are selected by rotating the nosepiece through 90,
EYEPIECES The standard extra wide field eyepieces WF 10 X is provided.
MAGNIFICATION Standard Magnification 20 X & 40 X with flat field.
IMAGE Erect, Three dimensional, Crisp and sharp image.
FOCUSSING By Rack and Pinion mechanism with adjustable tension collar.
ILLUMINATION With Integral illuminator, two lamps are fitted to provide both transmitted & incident illumination. The lamps can be switched on separately or together. Complete with a glass plate having two stage. clips.
POWER SUPPLY 220 V AC 50-60 Hz
ACCESSORIES Vinyl Cover, Dust Covers
PACKING In sturdy case

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