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STAND Stable and Robust, assembled from die cast parts.
BODY Monocular Tube inclinable up to 90, Mechanical Tube length 160 mm.
STAGE Fixed square stage size 120 x 120 mm with stage Clips.
NOSEPIECE Triple revolving nosepiece with positive centering & click stops.
CONDENSER Fixed Condenser ( N.A. 1.2.) with Iris diaphragm & filter holder.
FOCUSSING By Vertical movement of body tube, coarse adjustment by rack- pinion movement and fine by screw lever mechanism.
SAFTEY DEVICE Adjustable down stopper for preventing accidental damage to slides.
ILLUMINATION Plano- Concave Mirror diameter 50 mm mounted on gimble mount.
OBJECTIVES Archromatic 10 X and 40 X.
EYEPIECES Huy 10 X & 15 X
ACCESSORIES Vinyl Cover, Duster, Filter & Operating Manual.
PACKING In full moulded Styrofoam Container.

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