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OBSERVATION HEAD Trinocular Head is equipped with standard 45 inclined observation tubes rotatable through 360 and can be fixed in any direction with a lamp screw. Interpupillary distance from 53 to 75 mm and diopter adjustment is provided. Right hand slide lever provides 100% light to Binocular Head or vertical photo tube.
STAND One piece die cast arm and large size rectangular, heavy stable base with transformer & electrical fittings concealed inside. The low profile design allow continuous operation.
NOSEPIECE Precise Quadruple revolving Nosepiece with accurate centering and positive click stops for smooth accurate rotation.
STAGE Built-in graduated mechanical stage of size 135 x 120 mm is controlled by convenient low positioned coaxial knobs (either side as per requirement) for easy and smooth scan of the specimen slide entire range of 50x 75 mm.
FOCUSSING The precision co-axial focussing mechanism is designed for years of continuous use & also provide a smooth adjustment of focus without any backlash. The tension of coarse focus control is adjustable through a tightening ring.
CONDENSER Brightfield, Abbe, N.A. 1.25 with Iris Diaphragm & swing out filter holder can be moved through rack-pinion. The condenser Unit incorporates high efficiency optical system for optimum utilization of light from low to high magnification. It is inter-changeable with professional accessories.
ILLUMINATOR 6V-20W halogen Lamp fitted directly under the field lenses operated through solid stage variable controlled transformer 220 Volts. Mirror attachment while working in day light is also provided.
OBJECTIVE Achromatic Hard coated, anti-reflection for reduced light loss and Flat Filed Objectives for maximum resolution & high color fidelity (Anti-Mould).
EYEPIECES Field WF 10 X and H5 X or H6 X or H 15 (any two pairs).
ACCESSOREIS Vinyl Cover, Duster
PACKING In moulded Styrofoam Box or Wooden storing cabinet.

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