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Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope
ZOOM 1:9.24 FROM 0.65X - 6.0X Continuously adjustable magnification
OBSERVATION HEAD 45-degrees inclined Trinocular head can be rotated through 360. Interpupilary distance adjustable 50-79mm.
FOCUSING Advanced focussing system.
WORKING DISTANCE Maximum 115mm using additional 0.5X objective
MAGNIFICATION Standard magnification from 13x to 120x using 2x additional objective.
ILLUMINATION Incident and transmitted illumination 12V/10W, halogen lamps.220V/110V
EYEPIECES Wide Field Eypiece 10x/23mm in pair.
EXTRA EYEPIECES Wide Field Eypiece 30x/11mm in pair.
EXTRA OBJECTIVES 0,5X and 2.0x additional objectives.

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